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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Cloth Diapering | 6 Months In

Well, we made it to 6 months. If I recall correctly, 6 months was about where we would be breaking even with what it cost us to use disposables. So basically from here on out we would be saving money. That might actually be another month or two out because we did just buy another pack of cloth to keep up with two babies, but again, since we would be diapering 2 babies, it might be sooner ha ha.

I was planning to do this post as a little check-in since our One Month In post, not really realizing that by now we'd have 2 in cloth. I thought that the overlap with Everly and Greyson would be small if not non-existent because I figured we'd be potty training her pretty soon after we started Greyson in cloth. In fact, she got really interested in the toilet a week before he was born, but since then she hasn't seemed like something she wants right now. Since she's only two, there's a chance that she'll be in cloth for another year.

So... just a quick update on what we have in our stash, how long we go between washes and such.

Our current stash:

We have 5 packs of Nora's Nursery diapers. So 35 pocket diapers with 20 extra liners. That's plenty for the two of them. Before we bought our 5th pack of diapers we did get down to one diaper between washes.

We also have 4 Grovia O.N.E. diapers for night time but still use disposables for Greyson at night.

What you need other than diapers:

You're going to need cloth safe diaper cream.
I also bought pail liners
Wet bags (if they don't come with your diapers). 
Extra liners. (If you go the pocket diaper route)
Cloth wipes (if you decide to go that route. We actually went the cloth wipe route before the cloth diaper route).
A pail or laundry basket for your dirty diapers. I've never had any issues with Everly getting into the dirty diapers, but we'll see what happens when Greyson gets bigger.


We wash every other day. I really miss summer/fall because I could just hang the diapers outside and they would dry pretty quickly. Currently, it takes almost a full day for the liners to dry hung up (if I were to use the dryer, and I have on occasion, it takes 2-3 full dryer cycles to get them dry) and I throw them in the dryer for a 20-minute air fluff so they aren't so stiff. 

I still haven't had any issues with smells or diapers not coming clean. We still use All Free and Clear powder detergent.

Cloth on Two:

One of the hardest things with starting Greyson in cloth was that I wasn't sure how many diapers to have on hand for him. Plus, I wasn't sure how to deal with our diaper station. It has always been in Everly's room, but when she's napping Greyson is often awake and will need a diaper change or two. I wasn't sure if I should move it to his room, but he naps way more often than Everly and I would need access for her as well. I also wasn't sure how to separate out their diapers since they are in two different sizes and I didn't want to worry about messing with the snaps at every diaper change. 

I ended up leaving the station in Everly's room, getting a bigger diaper pail (Thank you to my visiting teacher when I was 19 and going off to college who gave me a dollar store laundry basket. It has truly seen me through the years), and putting a 3 cloth diapers for Greyson in his room with a few wet bags that came with our Nora's Nursery diapers. I make sure to have at least 12 in the box for Greyson and at least 8 for Everly for two days. So far that has been enough and to spare for them. 

We also use cloth wipes. I had two sets of 12 before we added Greyson into the mix. I just bought another set and 3 sets seems to be perfect. 

Diapering a Newborn:

I always knew that I was planning on using disposables on Greyson until he was big enough for our one-size cloth diapers. I wasn't prepared for feeling guilty for using the disposables or for figuring out when he was ready for cloth. We didn't put cloth on Greyson until I knew that he was 10 pounds (the smallest that our diapers say that they fit) and he was 6 weeks old. It was hard for me to know if we had a good fit because I had never put these diapers on a baby that small. Especially when he had blowouts, always the left leg. I always was wondering if it was a bad fit or if it was just that he was a baby. We had blowouts in disposables too. In fact, I had just put a brand new diaper on Greyson for bed two days ago and he blew out on me. Which was kind of a good reminder that all diapers blow out because with cloth it's easy for me to blame the diaper and think that it wouldn't have happened in disposables. 

He's already gotten big enough though that I don't overlap the snaps in the front. They cover a large area so we've actually had fewer blowouts (they go so far up his back that I would almost be impressed if he managed to blow out there). 

Honestly, cloth has been amazing. I love not having to buy disposables all the time. I especially love that since Greyson is exclusively breastfed I can just throw his diapers in the pail and not have to scrape them. Someone asked what I hated about cloth diapering. I hate scraping poop. Seriously before we started in cloth Everly's poops were a kind I could just shake into the toilet. I'm not sure it's the cloth or I started feeding her differently... but there is almost always scraping involved now. It's not enough to make me give it up, but I don't love it. 


I'm still really glad that we decided to do cloth. If I could go back I would probably have started it sooner with Everly. We have had almost no issues with diaper rash since we switched. If I were to start again I think I would probably try a couple different kinds of cloth diapers before committing to one (I have never tried them so I don't know, but I would probably do our whole stash with Grovia hybrid diapers or the Flip System... but I was in love with the idea of pocket diapers at the time). If we do cloth long enough and our stash wears out, that's probably what I'll do before getting a ton of one kind. 

Oh, and if you're going to build a stash and you have the option, wait until Black Friday. I had no idea but the discounts are amazing. 

Thanks for reading! I hope it at least educates you a little more about your options. You don't have to just go with disposables because everyone does, but you should also do what is best for your family. I couldn't have done cloth with Everly when she was Greyson's age because we didn't have our own washer and dryer. You do you! 

If any have any questions please comment below or contact me! I'd love to answer them! 

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