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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Monthly Moments | February 2020

We're two months into our new normal of having two kids. Honestly, that first month was ROUGH. Everly had a hard time with the adjustment and we all got sick. It was just hard. I was so grateful for all the help that I had. The times that Brian was able to be there to help. The times that my family helped me by taking one of the kids so that I could help the other. Honestly, I am beyond anxious to get into our own place most days, but the support that we have here is something that I will really miss once we finally get there.

We still have rough times here and there, but it's more like a rough couple of minutes, sometimes a rough ten minutes, but rarely is it a rough morning, or a rough day.

We started out the month with Everly's birthday celebrations. I remember seeing a couple years ago now that one of the bloggers I follow takes her kids out to eat for their birthday. I loved the idea of that. In my house growing up we got a special dinner for our birthday every year, but I am not super great at cooking at the moment and I loved the idea of making an outing of it. This was the first "meal" that we have ever bought Everly out. Honestly, she barely ate the Mac and cheese, ate her applesauce (which we usually carry with us anyway but it came with her meal) and loved her chocolate milk. Mostly she was interested in the fries that Brian brought from Chik-fil-a (a girl after my own heart.)

These three have my whole heart and I love our new family dynamic. Even though it takes a lot more work to get out the door. In fact, it takes a lot more work to just get through every day, but Everly loves Greyson. We love her. And Greyson is just adorable and another great baby (I was very scared that I was going to get a really colicky baby this time around.)

Brian went on his first work trip since we've had babies and I must say that I didn't love it. He's gone on trips with his friends without me before while I stayed home with Everly, but two kids was much more challenging. Especially when it hit bedtime and I was trying to get Everly ready and Greyson needed to nurse or be put down as well. Mostly only accomplished this through family help. Again, to all the single mamas out there (even if it's just for the night or the weekend), I don't know how you do it. 

I totally want to be that mom that just sends her husband off on trips and feels totally capable and prepared to handle everything at home while they're gone, but I am not there yet!

Most days were spent like this. Unshowered. In a robe and pajamas.

Everly has officially watched more TV since Greyson has been born than she has in her entire life combined. Before Greyson was born we were pretty much screen-free. Except when we were sick. After Greyson was born we have been sick a lot and Everly knows how to ask for what shows she wants now. She's learned the phrase "maybe later" and says it when I tell her "Not right now". Currently working on cutting her TV time back down to an hour or less a day. It's hard when I know that if I put her in front of the TV I can get things done, but it's just not the kind of mom I want to be. Hopefully, we'll be back to sick days only for longer screen time and only an hour otherwise soon.

Little man is growing so fast. You can see in this picture that he really doesn't have long left in the bassinet. Seriously unsure of what we're going to do once he outgrows it. We have a pack and play but I hate bending so far down to put him in it. 

Books I've loved this month:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling
The Secret Garden by Frances Hodges Burnett

Podcasts I've loved this month:

Things that stuck with me from these podcasts/books:

-Your body is smart. It knows what it needs. Trust your body.
-Pornography addiction is often an emotional issue rather than a sexual one.
-Miscarriage looks so different for each person that experiences it. I haven't had any miscarriages, but my mother has. Those close to me have. I loved listening to this because it helped me understand and empathize with them more. It's an experience that I hope I never go through, but if I do, I would want to know as much as I can from other peoples' stories to help me get through it.

Overall, February was a great month. Valentines was good. I'm figuring things out a little better each day. I'm not looking forward to March because it's time to go see the dentist again and that is an exercise in torture for me. Fingers crossed I only have a cleaning to dread this time instead of several follow up appointments for cavities. 

Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear what you're reading and listening to or anything else you'd like to share!

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