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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Monthly Moments | April 2020

We are now over a month into "social distancing" or "quarantine". Whatever you call it and however you're doing it, we're going through it separately and together. I have honestly loved it. I have loved having Brian work from home. I have loved all the time that I've been able to spend with my family. Although, it was kind of sad to have to do Greyson's blessing without our family there with us. 

I'm hitting that point where I'm just so obsessed with my babies and my family that I wish that it could go on like this forever. Even though we are far from sleeping through the night. 

Anyway, here are the highlights from the last month 😊

We spent a lot of time in the backyard last month. Before all this happened I was all about that tiny house living. I was not sure how I could manage it with two (or more) babies, but I knew that I didn't want a house as large as my mom's (where we are currently living). All this has made me question that a bit. Having so much space has made it feel less like we are trapped. Having a family living upstairs has made it feel like we are not alone. Having a big backyard with a playset has made it so that Everly hasn't missed the park. I'm still pretty sure that I don't want a huge house, but I might be leaning toward a bigger medium-sized house than I had originally planned on.

This is a picture of Everly during our Easter Egg hunt. I loved watching her actually get excited about finding eggs this year. I loved watching her run around the backyard in this jumpsuit that was mine when I was her age. I hated the fact that I missed almost the whole hunt. Sometimes being "Mom" is hard. Easter was hard for me this year because it was windy and cold outside. Two things that Greyson hates. He's getting better with the wind, but it is one of the things that keeps me inside with him more often than anything else. It freaks him out by making him hold his breath over and over as it blows in his face. I was out with Everly for only a few minutes before he wasn't having it anymore. I watched from the windows as Brian and my little sister took her around the yard gathering eggs. I had been hoping to be more involved this year because last year I was basically a photographer while Brian took her around. 
Maybe next year.

I have loved this last month, but it has also lasted about 4 years. I swear that this little man has been 4 months for the past 2 months. At the same time, it's all going so fast! I love his chunky cheeks. I hope that I always have chunky cheeked babies.

We have had more picnics on this Gathre mat in the last month than it has had since we got it. One of my better purchases. I will always remember these days eating takeout and pasta in the backyard.

We went on a walk to my Dad's house and they let her pick that giant tulip out of their garden just because they knew that it would make her happy. I love those little things like that make Everly happy, and I love that my Dad and step-mom were kind enough to let her pick a flower just because it would.

I've been wanting to replace Everly's crib with a toddler bed for a while now. I've been pinning toddler girl room ideas for a few months now. I think part of me wants to be able to pick out the things for her room now because I didn't get to do her nursery. However, quarantine shut down IKEA so I decided that taking off the front part of her crib would have to do.

Greyson started rolling over conference weekend so we said goodbye to swaddles. It has been a bit of a hard transition because he only started taking a binky just before he started rolling. He has to be rocked to sleep but at least now he lets me rock him in a rocker instead of bouncing him 🙌

The beautiful part of all this has been watching him fall asleep in my arms. It's so tender, even when it's hard because Everly wants my attention at the same time.

So grateful for ring slings and baby wraps. They have saved me and I love having him so close. 

Books I've loved this month:

A Song for the Stars  By Illima Todd
The Girl Who Drank the Moon By Kelly Barnhill

Podcasts I've loved this month:

What We Said Podcast (It's pretty much the only thing that I've kept up with... but I love it.)

Things that stuck with me from these podcasts/books:

-Think positively
-The Hawaiian people have such an amazing and intricate culture. I was particularly impressed with how they nurture each other and care for one another through family groups. Like if a family can't have babies, someone who could would literally just give them a baby. That is amazing to me.
-There was a line in The Girl Who Drank the Moon about how human babies are only tiny for just the smallest moment and to cherish it. I usually read as I'm rocking Greyson or while I'm nursing him. That line made me put my book down and savor my baby. I keep thinking about it all the time since I read it.
-That same book got my creative juices flowing again and I'm back to writing fiction 😊

This last month has been one of my favorite months of all time. One of my life dreams is for Brian to work from home and for me to homeschool our kids. I just love the idea of being together all the time and being able to work around our own schedule instead of a school schedule or a work schedule. Lots of other things tie into that dream (being debt-free, owning our own home, traveling together), but a lot of the most important parts of that have been realized in this last month and it has been bliss. I have loved putting Everly down for her naps together. I have loved not wondering when Brian is getting home and not having to say goodbye to him in the morning. The little moments we get to sneak into the day of just being together or playing outside are priceless to me. In the words of Elsa (we've watched Frozen 2 almost every day during Everly's screen time) "These days are precious, can't let them slip away. I can't freeze this moment, but I can still go out and seize this day!"

How are you all doing? What are some of your favorites from this last month?

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