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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Monthly Moments | September 2020


This salad has been my favorite food this month. In fact, I didn't try any new recipes this month, but this salad is a hodgepodge of a couple other recipes I have tried in the last few months and loved.

-Handful+ of mixed baby greens
-Sliced deli-meat (turkey in this case) chopped
-Feta Cheese

Greyson got mobile this last month and has been crawling around like crazy and pulling himself up on things. I don't really want him to start walking soon, but I won't be surprised if he ends up walking within the next month.

This. This was a good day. Living with my mom and step-dad for the past couple of years has been hard in a lot of ways. Partially because I just want my own space. I miss what it was like when Bstoll and I were out on our own. And, it is really hard to parent in front of your parents. Like really hard.
But this day we hung out upstairs and Everly made cookies with her Amma and Grandpa and we all sat around the table eating them warm out of the oven. I fed little bits of them to Greyson. It was just a really lovely visit and made me feel so grateful that Everly gets the chance to have this relationship with her grandparents.

I bought this sweater from the Little Mama Shirt Shop and have been wearing it every chance I can get. I've been hoarding my allowance for almost a year to save up and buy a new bag (I'm very much a bag girl. There are 4 on my list currently. All are over $100.) and took a break to buy this sweater. I'm actually wearing it right now 😂

Anyway, this was a good walk to the park. I've been trying to implement walks back into our daily schedule. This month it was mainly to get my 10 15-minute workouts to get my monthly challenge on my watch, but it has been nice to get out. I used to go on walks every day with Everly when we lived in the apartments. Then I took a hiatus after we moved here, then took it back up when she was just over a year old and took her out almost every day until Greyson was born. It takes more work to get 2 babies out the door, but it's still worth it. 

Everly AND Greyson caught colds. It was my first experience with having both the babies sick. I was not a fan. But I did love how snuggly it made Greyson. He hasn't slept on me in a long time, but he did quite a bit with this cold. I was really lucky that Brian got to stay home with me a few of the days they were sick because I definitely needed the help.

These were both from my Mom's birthday party. I took more videos than pictures this last month, so what you don't see is Everly throwing sticks in the fire, or, earlier in the month, opening her door during nap time.

This was also a lovely day. Family parties tend to leave me feeling left out and stressed and sad that I missed the normal time I would have to spend with my family. But this time, I got food with everyone else and didn't spend the whole time taking care of babies. Plus, this firepit was amazing and smokeless (unless you stick a pipe in it) so I didn't even end up smelling like smoke! And we ended the night with homemade raspberry ice cream. As Everly would say, "A GOOD DAY!"

My little crawling machine 😍

Books I've Read this Month:

The List of Things That Will Not Change   By Rebecca Stead
Spinning Silver   By Naomi Novik
Again, But Better   By Christine Riccio

Podcasts I've Loved this Month:

What I've taken from these Books and Podcasts:

- I want to be Rebecca Stead when I grow up. Seriously, every time, her books are amazing guys. The one I read is her most recent. Read it. Buy it in Hardback. I did.
- Meal Formulas will save your life. I really love the idea of having a Fall Meal Formula and a Winter one and a Spring one and a Summer one. I just really love the idea of seasonal living. Fun things to celebrate each season. Activities, food, clothing. I love the change of it. 
- I need to start holding myself to deadlines with my writing. This episode of Writing Excuses really got me thinking about my writing career. It's something I've started to take a lot more seriously lately. Partially because I have been doing more writing lately, and also for my mental health. Writing is in me. I need to be doing it. I would love to be published and I don't want to keep waiting for the timing to be right. It will never be right. So I'm working on making it happen now. With 2 tiny babies. Wish me luck!

Thanks as always for reading! This last month was really dark and then suddenly the light seems to be shining just a little bit brighter now. I'm hoping that keeps up. The next few weeks should see two more Poems of Motherhood posts! So keep your eye out for those :) I hope you had a great September. I'm looking forward to October and to General Conference this weekend!
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